Before we ever had the comforts of modern technology, we had things like fire, stoves, and extra layers of clothes to keep us warm in the winter.

Before we ever had the comforts of modern technology, we had things like fire, stoves, and extra layers of clothes to keep us warm in the winter. Homeowners now have the convenience of an HVAC system, and with the turn of a dial, we are comfortable no matter the weather outside.

We are based out of Florida and this is especially important all year long because of our scorching hot weather. But as the seasons change, we can see some really cold weather (relative to our tolerance). We swear low 50’s are really cold!

Naturally we depend on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, but often we don’t think about the consequences if our HVAC system stops working. We only really think about it when it happens. Therefore, it’s important to consider that a Orlando AC Repair specialist takes a look at your system.

To prepare for the winter, we will cover fiver reasons why you should schedule a professional HVAC tune-up.

Save Money

Your HVAC contributes to nearly 50% of your home’s energy use, which can easily become the largest expense. To save money, you need to make sure that your unit is running at max efficiency.

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One way to do that is to make sure an Orlando AC Repair specialist is coming by and looking at your unit often. If you conduct regular maintenance on your system it continues to work in optimal shape. AC repair specialists have special tools and diagnostic tests to ensure that your unit runs as long as its supposed to. Keep in mind that the cost of maintenance is usually pays for itself in energy savings.

Longer Lasting Unit

To follow up on the point above, it ensures that your AC unit stays working as long as possible. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, maybe consider getting one. It will save you money on your bill and your unit will last a lot longer.

The transition from AC to heating going into the winter can take a toll on your unit big time. A programmable thermostat allows for your unit to gradually adapt to the sharp change. Furthermore, you’re able to do this remotely which means you are able to control how much energy is being used while you’re away.

Get Ahead of Future Problems

People should be proactive, not reactive. We often wait for an issue to seek a solution. There’s a strong chance all of you reading are guilty of it. Don’t wait until the cold winter to find out that your unit needs a replacement part or a tune-up. GAP Mechanical is one of Orlando’s best AC Repair contractors and we are more than happy to make sure that your unit will run through the winter.

What comes with a tune-up? Well, diagnostic testing, inspection of the condenser and evaporator coils. A tune-up should also include taking a look at the compressor and refrigerant charge.

Clean Your Filters

One of the most common problems that hinder HVAC systems is a dirty filter. When you aren’t paying attention to your filter a number of things start to happen. You start collecting debris, particles, dust, and other materials that destroy the efficiency of your unit. Over time, if you ensure that you have a clean filter, you save quite a bit on your energy bill. At GAP Mechanical we include this as part of our tune-up. As one of Orlando’s Best AC repair professionals it’s our job to deliver the best service.

Get looked at in time

The two busiest times of the year for AC Repair contractors are in the summer and in the winter. Summer heat and winter chills cause excessive use of your unit. Which means lots of business for AC Repair contractors. Especially in Orlando, FL. It’s better if you avoid the scheduling difficulty and headache altogether and have an Orlando AC Repair professional take a look at it immediately.

Getting ahead of the strain the weather will have on your unit, and ahead of the rush will be a sound decision. Don’t get stuck in the cold this winter. Keep your home nice and comfy. There’s no better time to invest in your home’s heating system. Get in touch with us at GAP Mechanical, Orlando’s Best AC repair contractors.

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