GAP Mechanical had the best services and price in town.
Raquel Reyes
On Memorial Day Saturday morning I awoke to a house that was 81degrees, the AC was on but the FAN was not spinning, I shut it off at the circuit breaker. Called a friend of mines who owns The spanish ad agency in town to know, JVR Productions and he tells me to call one of his clients, G.A.P Mechanical. I called at around 7:14am and spoke to "Gregorio, who sounded like I he had recently awoke. He asked me the weirdest question "Do you have any children? I said "yes 2 girls" and before I could say anything else, he says "close all the curtains and shades in the house, keep it cool for those girls, I will be there in less than an hour, text me your address, I am "SHOCKED" and did exactly as he said, I sent a smartphone video of the fan not spinning to him. I would say, just like he told me, he was there before an hour on a hot saturday morning. He arrives in uniform and with a nice company van and business card. He asks me to come to the ac unit while he works on it, so he can show me, what he is checking....I've never had a repair guy other than my import car mechanic of 15 years, whom I trust implicitly, show me whats wrong so I understand better the costs involved. He starts by testing resistors which he says are "cheap" and finds one not working, so he swaps that out, still no fan spinning, so he moves to the fan check and swaps the old fan with a new cheaper version, and Wallah, the fans kicks on. So he shows me 2 fan options a cheaper model and a " better version" both have price difference, be he proceeds to explain to me in terms i understand and i chose the dual speed 10 year warranty fan because at night when the sun is not shinning I don't need to have a fan running at full amperage when it can run a 1/2 the amperage , which saves me money. He has completed this repair in less than 2 hours and suddenly my house was instantly cooling! I posted this to my Facebook so if your looking for an INCREDIBLY HONEST ORLANDO ac repair company guy near KISSIMMEE, call Gregorio at GAP Mechanical, God Bless his man of being so honest,
Miguel Acosta
Fast services, good prices , and very profesional , ask for gregorio the owner ,he be able to residential or commercial, family own 👍
Israel Kingsley
Great service and quick response with a price I could reason with. What more can I ask for
Wilson Polanco
Very reliable! Excellent work! Fair price! Highly recommend!
Barbara Fritzsche
10/10 Amazing service from gap. Thank you so much for helping me out. Will refer to friends.

The technician arrived ON TIME. How rare is that? He diagnosed our problem right away and our A/C is blowing cold. Thanks for the attention you gave us.

Antonio Henriquez