What is a Walk-in Cooler / Freezer

So, a commercial walk-in cooler is very similar to a reach-in fridge. In its simplest form, it moves warm air from the cooler area to space around the condenser. Then you have your control system, normally known as your thermostat. This will set the temperature in which you want your walk-in cooler to operate. The cooling cycle begins and the compressor/condenser fan spin up. Cold air then sweeps through from the evaporator and goes through the cooler to get warmer. If you’re in the market for a walk-in cooler, contact us today!

Signs You Need a Walk-in Cooler

If you are a commercial space in Orlando, Florida GAP Mechanical has you covered. To be specific, if you are a business that stores foods, goods, or products that need refrigeration (and a lot of it) then you’d be a great fit. You probably need a walk-in cooler. These coolers can range from one hundred to several hundred cubic feet.


If you are a commercial space that is interested in keeping bulk items in a refrigerated environment, you will need to get a walk-in cooler. You will also need a trusty and reliable group of technicians to support your valuable business when things go wrong. GAP Mechanical is the best walk-in cooler contractor in Orlando, Florida.


Benefits of a Walk-in Cooler

There are many advantages to having a walk-in cooler if you need one and don’t have one. For one, it will make your life a WHOLE lot easier. It makes it extremely easy, safe, and efficient to store mass quantities of refrigerated products. This stops it from spoiling and allows you to conduct more business.


Space is a massive advantage the walk-in coolers have. When storing anything really, a lot of it depends on space. Do you have the space to store it? Well, with walk-in coolers you can store as much as you want! They honestly range from 15 cubic feet for smaller businesses and can range up and into 400,000 square feet. In the end, the right cooler will save you money on your food and electricity bill. If you’re looking to slash multiple costs, you’d benefit!

Control Freak? Well, a lot of the newer walk-in coolers and the state of the art technology they come with allow you to do just that. You get to monitor any temperature drops or if the fridge exceeds its settings. There are usually motion sensors in place to automatically power on and off lights. This ultimately results in a reduction in power consumption. You are in full control.

Need a Walk-in Cooler/Freezer?

GAP Mechanical is Orlando Florida’s most trusted commercial HVAC contractors. We are an employee-owned and operated company. When choosing us, not only are you going with a small business, but you are going with a genuine hard working team that treats you like family. We are the most affordable premium service with financing available. We are always happy to help!


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