What are packaged units?

Packaged units are commercial units that contain all of their parts in a singular outdoor unit. Normally it will be placed on the roof or the side of a building. There are many advantages to this, as it doesn’t have to take up interior commercial space. Commercial buildings, especially in Florida benefit because the land is too low for us to build basements. They usually come in two footprints, small or large. The footprint depends on the BTU and installation requirements. The difficulty of installation varies accordingly.

We have been installing commercial packaged units for 20+ years. We are industry veterans in the commercial packaged unit space. We do work and installations for any and every project! Commercial buildings, warehouses, greenhouses, schools, and new construction you name it.

Signs you need a packaged unit?

If you are a commercial business, a packaged unit is a great idea. There are a few downsides, as with any option. For the packaged unit, there is a shorter lifespan due to being exposed. If you have it installed by experienced technicians, you will definitely get the best bang for your buck. If you are any kind of business that also wants to maximize interior space, you might be in the market for a packaged unit. It’s a nice and easy way to keep your customers cool during the blistering hot Florida summers.

Benefits of Rooftop Packaged unit?

We are going to cover the best parts of having a rooftop packaged unit. It is important to mention that you reap these benefits if it is installed by a trained and licensed technician. It is very easy to skip a step and make mistakes especially when it comes to commercial projects. The benefits are as follows:

Saving Interior Space

Space. Space. Space. Packaged units, save SO much space. Especially if you are in a smaller commercial environment. You can really see the difference. It can make way for more inventory, a bigger base of operations, and more! It also, in some cases adds to the asking price for commercial property, packaged units are sought after in many niche areas and cases.

Easy, Streamlined Maintenance / Installation

Let’s face it, we all have to do deal with maintenance. With packaged units, the maintenance isn’t nearly as bad. With most contractors, an initial fee is charged and an hourly fee when it comes to routine or intense maintenance. That cost is offset with the packaged unit, all the components are in one easy place. It is, for the most part, easy to reach. This allows the technicians to do most of their work in one central area. Tune-ups are also easier!

The assembly of the HVAC package unit is completely done in a controlled indoor environment. This ensures that it is going to work when installed. It’s cheaper because it’s a single unit vs the traditional multi-unit HVAC system. Like we said before, it’s a great option!

Need a packaged unit?

GAP Mechanical is Orlando Florida’s most trusted commercial HVAC contractors. We are an employee-owned and operated company. When choosing us, not only are you going with a small business, but you are going with a genuine hard working team that treats you like family. We are the most affordable premium service with financing available. We are always happy to help!


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