Reach-In Coolers, what are they?

A reach-in refrigerator/freezer is a great way to keep your items cold. Even better if you are a store owner that sells chilled products. It makes the products accessible to customers at arm’s length while standing. It also allows you to create rows of them for your customers to walk past. It is the most commonly used type of commercial refrigerator available today. They vary in sizes from 26” to 87” wide. They can also be equipped with any accessories you can think of.

The cherry on top is that most reach-in coolers have glass doors. The glass door option allows your customers to scope out products they weren’t planning on buying and making impulse purchases. It gives your products the chilled display they deserve, enticing the purchase even more. It’s a wonderful value-add and a high ROI system.


Signs You Need a Reach-In Cooler

Well, the number one sign you need a reach-in cooler is if you’d like to display and sell chilled products. Even if you have just one to store drinks on nearby a cash register! It will almost always get impulse purchases if someone is thirsty, how awesome is it that their favorite drink is cold and ready to go. If you are a convenience store or any store that keeps food at the front, you need a reach-in cooler.

Another huge sign your business would need a reach-in cooler, is if you just need to keep products cold. With over 20 years of experience, we have seen the insane versatility and application of reach-in coolers. We can honestly say that the possibilities are endless, the only real way to know if you need one is to call us!

Benefits of a Reach-In Cooler

We’ve already covered so many of the wonderful benefits of a reach-in cooler, but if you aren’t sold, you’re about to be. Over time, we have gotten a hang of the most common benefits or the greatest value-adds. They are as follows!


They are super convenient to use, a simple handle on a glass door. Most units have a semi-self closing door to save money after they’ve been opened. They can be arranged in any way you want, and they allow you to show a variety of products offered. The biggest money saver is customers don’t need to open the door to see what’s inside.


The glass door refrigerators offer excellent efficiency. The glass doors are usually double glazed, which is great for energy efficiency. From an operations perspective alone, you don’t need to open doors to check if something needs to be restocked. Your employees don’t need to constantly open doors to work with the merchandise. It saves you a ton over time in electricity consumption.

Easy maintenance:

The glass doors are very easy to clean. The glass doors almost encourage you to keep your appliance clean. You can clean with a basic, non-abrasive cleaning solution and a damp cloth. Most of the other maintenance should be handled by a technician, or one should be consulted.


Need Reach-In Cooler Services?

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