What is a Mini Split System?

A mini split is a neat heating and cooling system that offers extreme flexibility and control. What we mean by that is that you are able to control temperatures in separate areas of the home and separate rooms. It allows you to compartmentalize portions of your house.

Mini Splits are typically made of a couple of parts. For a mini-split to work you will need a piece that will stay outdoors and one that will be indoors. The one on the outside is usually a compressor/condenser, and the indoor piece would be your air handler or evaporator.

Mini splits are not ideal for a whole home. Why? Well because quite frankly it’s not as efficient as it could be if it was a standard central system. It would also be a whole lot to control to keep a steady temperature throughout the entire house. Rather, these kinds of systems would go onto your houses as accessories or just to be fitted in. For example, we get a lot of requests to have these set up in garages, a specific room, or area in a home.


Signs You Need a Mini Split Service?

Well, if you own one of course! If you own a ductless mini split and it’s acting upon you when you need us. We are extremely experienced when it comes to these kinds of systems, so you are in good hands. It also takes a special kind of expertise to handle them. Why? Because if you are not a qualified installer/service technician you can really mess these (not so cheap) pieces of equipment up. It requires a lot of understanding and the training to maintain certain ductless systems is expensive.

Some instructions for you to follow!

  • Power off the unit – each unit if you have multiple
  • Turn off the circuit switch for the outside unit so that you are safe
  • Make sure you stay away from any exposed parts or wires
  • Call a professional immediately!

Outside of what’s stated above, don’t do anything! This kind of work is meant to be done by a trusted technician. Your system is expensive, and nobody wants it to go bad. So please give us a call!

Need a Mini Split Contractor?

GAP Mechanical is Orlando Florida’s most trusted mini split contractors. We are an employee-owned and operated company. When choosing us, not only are you going with a small business, but you are going with a genuine hard working team that treats you like family. We are the most affordable premium service with financing available. We are always happy to help!


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