Installing a Mini Split System

Alright, so you got a mini-split system in hand and have done all the proper research. Congratulations! If you’ve done your homework you’ve made a good decision. It is extremely important that you have a licensed contractor to install the unit. This article will only explain some of the common steps that we take to install these kinds of systems. It is only an educational resource so that you are aware of what’s going on. GAP Mechanical is an employee-owned and operated small business that is 100% transparent. When it comes to process and pricing – we got you covered. If you are in Orlando FL or surrounding areas in Central Florida, call us for the best air conditioning services available!

First, we prep the wall. We need to find and secure a spot on the interior wall to mount the indoor unit. It has to be clear of any obstructions for the unit to be properly installed. We then need to take into account the mounting plate. We will then secure that piece onto the wall that we have selected. Lastly, in terms of the wall, we are going to create a hole to fit the piping.

Second, we will check the electrical connections. It’s important that all of this goes correctly. If this is not done properly you can run into some serious and expensive issues. Which is why you need a licensed and insured contractor to do the job. We go and connect the pipes and secure the unit to the mounting plate as we described before.

Third, we go outside and we figure out where we want to place the outdoor unit. This is important because we might need to lay a concrete pad if there isn’t one available for us to use. We need to ensure that this is leveled and smooth. We take the pipes’ flare nuts and hook them up to the respective pipes on the outdoor unit. The next step is to bleed the air and humidity from the refrigerant circuit, wrap the joints of the piping with tape (insulating). If we need to then we secure the piping to the wall with clamps.

That just about covers what we do in most cases to install these sorts of units. We are licensed and insured contractors in Orlando, FL ready to serve. With our satisfaction guarantee, you are going to be all good to go.

Signs You Need Mini Split Installation

If you are going to be spending a lot of time in a specific part of your home, and for example, that part of your home is an extension. You may want to control the temperature and easily for that part of the home. However, not having any efficient way to complete ductwork for that part of your home has you in a tight spot.

If what you read above is you, then you need a mini split.


Read about how it works and what it is – compare it to the cost of doing all the ductwork and other unnecessary costs to make that part of your house controlled by central air. The numbers are probably going to show that it’s a better idea to get a mini split.

Benefits of Mini Split Installation / Replacement

Better Heating of Individual Rooms/Zones:

When it comes to controlling temperature in specific rooms or zones, heat pumps are extremely effective. It is because the room or zone is given a dedicated unit. The individual air handling units allow for more control over a specific room or zone. So instead of a central unit, where it would try to control the temperature throughout the home, heat pumps control for where you need it controlled. In many situations, especially in Florida with the heat, the insulation will have a significant part in how the unit performs. Homeowners end up saving a lot of money throughout the year.

Flexibility/Increased Placement Options:

Maintaining the design of the home is easier with the mini-splits. The components allow us to place them in more places than normal. If we are talking about most other kinds of add-on systems, we may not have that flexibility. Air handler units can be affixed just about anywhere.

Easy Installation:

For anyone that has done duct work before, you’re aware of how bad a project can get. It is no walk in the park, ductwork that is. Installing a mini split is relatively easy and stress-free. An outdoor and indoor unit needs to be hooked up together and that’s about it. It’s way less invasive than other systems. You can also place outdoor units as far away from the home as you’d like.

Improved Energy Efficiency:

Energy use, especially nowadays is an extremely important topic. It’s important for two reasons, the climate, and your bill. The climate is getting worse, and we don’t want to contribute to that any more than we already do. Energy efficiency has a big part in how much you impact the climate. Lower bills, we all want them. Energy is the biggest cost associated with an air conditioning unit or appliance this big. You want to make sure that energy consumption is not being wasted. Mini splits don’t need to go through ducts and lose a percentage of the heat, and it doesn’t need to heat the whole home. This is why mini splits are a great choice.

Need a Mini Split Installation?

GAP Mechanical is Orlando Florida’s best mini split contractors. We are an employee-owned and operated company. When choosing us, not only are you going with a small business, but you are going with a genuine hard working team that treats you like family. We are the most affordable premium service with financing available. We are always happy to help!



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