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Losing access to your air conditioner

Here in Florida, air conditioners are a dear necessity. Losing access to your air conditioner exposes you to extreme heat and humidity, the likes of which can leave you feeling sweaty and miserable. As such, in order to maintain the functionality of your air conditioner, you need to look out for signs of impairment. 

Wondering what signs you should be looking out for? Then read on. We’re going to cover eight of them below. Without further ado, here are the primary indications that it’s time for Florida homeowners to consider AC repairs

1. Your Refrigerant Line Is Leaking 

A sure sign that you need an AC repair service is that your refrigerant line is leaking. This is the wire that runs from your condenser into your home. It’s responsible for transferring refrigerant through the AC system. 

When a refrigerant line leaks, it’s generally because it’s suffered physical trauma of some kind. For instance, maybe a branch fell on top of it and pierced through its surface. 

The trouble with this is that the air conditioner requires refrigerant in order to run. As such, if it’s leaking out of the system, cold air can’t be produced.

The only thing you can do at this point is patch up the refrigerant line and add fresh refrigerant. Until that repair has been made, your air conditioner will be rendered non-functional. 

Though it is possible for you to patch up your refrigerant line on your own, it can be a little difficult for some individuals. If you’re having trouble doing it (or if you don’t want to do it yourself), your local air conditioner repair technician can help. 

2. Your Air Conditioner Is Short Cycling

One of the most common air conditioner problems is the problem of short cycling. This is when an air conditioner starts up, runs for a few seconds, and then shuts off and repeats the process ad nauseam. It’s a problem not only because it causes energy efficiency issues, but because it puts undue strain on the air conditioner as well, leading to a reduced AC lifespan. 

What causes short cycling in an air conditioner? If the AC is new, it could be the wrong size. 

However, if the AC has been around for a while, you are in all likelihood dealing with a bad sensor. This sensor will need to be replaced in order to get the AC up and running like normal again. 

Note, this is not a repair that should be completed by the uninitiated. If you’re dealing with this problem, you’re highly advised to call up a professional who’s experienced in fixing AC units. 

3. Your Air Conditioner Is Making Strange Noises

By and large, air conditioners don’t make noise. At most, you should hear a whirring sound from your condenser. Other than this, your air conditioner should be silent. 

As such, if you start hearing strange noises from your air conditioner, you know that something is wrong with it. The question is: what? 

Well, if it’s a squeaking noise, you’re probably dealing with a loose or broken belt. If this is the case, the belt will need to be replaced. 

If, on the other hand, you’re hearing a clunking noise, you’re probably dealing with an impaired condenser unit. Something might have fallen into the condenser and is causing the condenser propeller to slam up against it. If this is the case, the object will need to be removed and the condenser propeller might need to be replaced. 

There’s also a chance of you hearing a clicking noise. If so, you probably have an electrical issue of some kind. The thermostat might need to be replaced or a portion of your electrical system might need to be rewired. 

One last sound to listen for is a bubbling noise. If your air conditioner bubbles when starting, there’s probably a blockage in either your drain line or your refrigerant line. 

None of these sounds are to be taken lightly. The second you hear them, you should call up an AC repair te

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