Losing access to your air conditioner

Here in Florida, air conditioners are a dear necessity. Losing access to your air conditioner exposes you to extreme heat and humidity, the likes of which can leave you feeling sweaty and miserable. As such, in order to maintain the functionality of your air conditioner, you need to look out for signs of impairment.  Wondering […]

Efficient air conditioner

In the summer months, your energy bills may surge if you do not have an efficient air conditioner. If you replace your old air conditioning with an energy-efficient AC, you can save close to 20 to 40 percent of your cooling energy costs. Are you interested in learning more about high-efficiency AC unit savings? Keep reading to learn […]

AC Replacement Before Summer

There are few things more miserable than a hot and sticky summer day in Florida—except for a hot and sticky summer day without air conditioning. Most of us are no strangers to a little heat, but when the weather goes from balmy to scorching, it’s a different story. While there’s no telling if we’ll get […]