Keep The AC Lower At Night

There are a lot of savings to be made while you sleep. During the night,  you will realize that you may not need the same amount of cool you’d need in the day. Considering temperatures outside are usually lower, and you’re unconscious, you can get away with some AC savings. A lot of the newer units are being shipped with a feature called “sleep mode”. It’s essentially a smart timer that will over time, reduce the amount of output your AC is creating. It’s a great way to just set it and forget about it.

Get Your Unit Serviced

At GAP Mechanical, we cannot stress how important this is. In the same way, your car will not function optimally without getting it serviced, your AC won’t either. If you want to get the most out of your AC you will need to have it serviced. Little things here and there that may not seem important at the moment build up and can ruin a good AC. In Orlando, Florida there are a lot of homes that have a bunch of trees. Many of the trees around these parts have a habit of dropping seeds that stick to filters making the AC work harder. Check to see if you’re having the same kinds of issues by scheduling a maintenance call.

Make Sure The Thermostat Is On The Right Wall

It’s hard to think of a place that needs to hear this more than Orlando, Florida. At GAP Mechanical we are experts in picking the right place to install your thermostat. If your home has a very conductive surface and your thermostat is next to the heater, guess what? You’re killing your savings! The thermostat is going to be cooling the house and it will not know what temperature it really is. It will also spin up and kick on more often than it needs to and over time – that can get expensive.

Use A Fan

Using the AC so often sometimes we have a fan in the first place. Here are a couple of reasons why. A lot of the time we turn on the AC to *feel* cooler. If feeling cooler is what you want then use a fan. According to NRD, they were able to consistent. They were able to produce a 10-degree drop in both room and person temperature. You don’t have to settle for the traditional fan either, you can get a smart fan. A lot of these fans have custom timers, settings, and speeds. We still need to remain smart and power off the fan when not in use. Otherwise, we aren’t saving anything at all!

Check Your Windows!

No matter who or where you are, your AC is going to suffer if you are not covering your windows adequately. You can prevent considerable solar heat gain by using insulating blinds/shades/curtains. Especially in Central Florida where this kind of stuff really matters. When your windows are completely closed and the sun is insulated, “highly reflective blinds can reduce heat gain by 45%”. Take advantage of different treatments and maximizing on your windows is a great way to save a lot of money without a prerequisite.

In the end, it’s just best that you have a licensed technician come by and check out your unit for suggestions! GAP Mechanical is right for the job when it comes to AC in Orlando, FL.

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