Having a whole-house dehumidifier makes the house generally way more comfortable! Especially in Central Florida where it can get VERY humid. It’s safe to say that the indoor air quality is usually better, and the air around you stays cooler. Without all the extra moisture, it makes for more pleasant air throughout the home. It’s also healthier for you, it’s a good idea to know the relative humidity range in your home. Experts suggest 30% – 50% with 45% being the best for your health. This can be achieved by a whole-house dehumidifier, one that GAP Mechanical can install for you!

Avoid Water Damage

We don’t need to remind you how scary and expensive water damage can be. In many homes throughout Central Florida, it’s way too humid. This is an excellent environment for your ceilings, walls, and furniture to get damaged. The whole house dehumidifier can potentially save thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Another big problem dehumidifying takes care of is mold. Household mold is very expensive to remedy and dangerous for your health.

Save Energy

In theory, it is going to reduce energy bills by a lot. The science behind that is when we are in a home with lower relative humidity, it FEELS cooler. So while running the air conditioning unit and a dehumidifier may not seem logical, it is. If we are using the AC unit less and less because of the relative humidity, we are saving money! A couple of degrees over the course of time compounds to some interesting savings.

Allergies & Health

Many different kinds of nasty little critters can grow and thrive in a humid home. People are more prone to catch colds or symptoms associated with asthma and allergies. Just to name a few more problems that can arise; watery eyes, sinus problems, sore throat, rashes, and less sleep (sweating). In the long run, we should never sacrifice our health especially when the solution is something like a dehumidifier. Most whole-house dehumidifiers have filters, they remove dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander, and more.


In the end, it’s just best that you have a licensed technician come by and check out your setup for suggestions! GAP Mechanical is right for the job when it comes to AC in Orlando, FL.

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