Something is just not right with the temperature in your home . For some reason whenever you go to fix the thermostat, it just doesn’t feel right. It’s probably because your AC is broken or something needs to be tuned up. We are going to cover a few ways you can check to see if its broken and really needs to be fixed or maintained. If you try these steps and something is wrong with your unit, you need to get in touch with Orlando AC Repair professional today!

Not Enough Airflow

Sometimes your AC’s airflow just doesn’t come out like you remember it did. If you notice this decline, it’s probably a good idea to check your filters. If they are clogged up, it’ll reduce the airflow in your house and strain your system. Again, the strain is going to affect the longevity of your unit.

For this reason, it’s usually best practice to change this filter every 1-3 months depending on use. When you have poor airflow the case could also be a damaged blower. A problem like that is really hard to detect and fix yourself. Which is also why it’s great to have someone come by if your AC is broken. You should call GAP Mechanical and have a certified technician come by to fix your broken AC.

Your Unit is Really Loud

An AC unit that is well taken care of doesn’t make a sound. Well, they make a sound but they should run relatively quietly and efficiently. If you hear a noise then it’s a good indicator that something isn’t right. If your system is making more noise than usual, there could be problems with your fan belt, which can ruin your system’s efficiency. This is another instance when you should have someone from GAP Mechanical come by to take a look. We fix these sorts of problems all the time. We are the right person for your broken AC in Orlando, FL.

Just take a look at your AC

Your AC unit should not have pools of refrigerant nearby it. That would indicate a leak or maybe some broken lines, or even clogged drainage holes. If you go up to your unit and you see a bunch of ice forming, that’s also a strong sign that you need to get it fixed. Have one of us from GAP Mechanical come by and take a look at your broken AC in Orlando, FL.

Sometimes if the home is not cooling efficiently it has nothing to do with the broken AC itself, it could be a bunch of things. Sunlight from windows, air leaks around doors, inadequate or shifting insulation and high-heat activities like cooking can raise the temperature. If you notice that the Air conditioner is not broken then it is necessary to look at external factors.

In the end, it’s just best that you have a licensed technician come by if you see any of these problems! GAP Mechanical is right for the job when it comes to broken AC in Orlando, FL.

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