3 Ways To Know Your AC is Working

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Something is just not right with the temperature in your home. For some reason whenever you go to fix the thermostat, it just doesn’t feel right. It’s probably because your AC is broken or something needs to be tuned up. We are going to cover a few ways you can check to see if its […]

4 Signs Your AC Freon is Leaking

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Important side note: Freon is not refrigerant. They are often used interchangeably. Freon is being deprecated because it is linked to ozone depletion. Not good at all for the environment! If your AC unit is still using Freon please contact your local HVAC professionals. If you are in the Orlando area, GAP Mechanical are the […]

The Essential Pre-Winter AC Maintenance

Before we ever had the comforts of modern technology, we had things like fire, stoves, and extra layers of clothes to keep us warm in the winter. Homeowners now have the convenience of an HVAC system, and with the turn of a dial, we are comfortable no matter the weather outside. We are based out […]